NTR報告-NTR Report 2

勢いだけで作った続き。 凝ったことはせずデフォルトモーションを使っているカットもあります。

MOD List

=== 必須 / required ===
- HSStudioNEOAddon http://honyselect.game-info.wiki/d/MOD

- MAP: [808s]Hotel Room
  #mod-sharing @808s 05/18/2018
  Search keyword: 808s Mod Depot

  HSUS 1.3.1が必要です/Required HSUS1.3.1
  Discord Search keyword: in:#mod-sharing hsus 1.3.1

- Item: Liquid - 【パーティ】舌・その他【NEO】v.12.1 (ふたばログ)

- Item Liquid - C2DN01_Liquids NEO version (Core2氏 - pph板)
No.12399 * Core2氏のMOD URLリストです / This LINK is Core2 Mod URL list.

- Cordinate: Dr.FG Dongs - Experimental Penis Accesoriesv4 (Dr.FillGood氏 hongfire)

- Item: 泡 KG2_foam-studio_v1.1 (PPH板 BTR-kugutsu氏)
- Item: 汗 KG2_sweat_V1.0-strong (PPH板 BTR-kugutsu氏)

=== 任意 / optional===
- scene2-1  衣装/Cordinate
Slut outfit (Roy12氏)

26 Responses

  • Hi 55b, I’ve always enjoyed your work. You mentioned that the map mod ‘hotel room’ is from a discord channel. I hope to download this map mod. So could you please give me a inviting link of the discord channel? Thanks!

    • Search by keyword “Discord Honeyselect” and get the invitation URL.
      Maybe you find the Reddit thread. Then viwe all comments and get the URL.
      (Please ask google for how to use Discord.)

  • KG2_sweat_V1.0-strong has been replaced with a version 1.2 and the new 1.2 version doesn’t work with these scenes.

  • thanks 55b, I have join the discord and download the map, but my problem is , I cant even find the map in neo… so the background is just blank(blue)….

    • Did you run the HiR_Neo_1.2.2(HoneyselectItemResolverNeo)?
      This is honeyselect’s basic mod tool.

  • Did you use reshade? it seems better than me .

    When i update windows these days, NEO always gets a crash error because of reshade

  • Wow that female model is fantastic! Do you have a card for her? I couldn’t find it in your HS Characters page.

  • いつも良い作品ありがとうございます。

    • Discordは先月リセットされてしまいました。

    • 訂正します。
      最新の [hooh] FK Cocks (my favorite).zipは、Dr.FG DongsとのCAB値衝突はありません。

  • I like NTR!!!! The scene about NTR or cheating always makes me crazy!!

    Hope to get more Cheating topic scene from you! Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Hello, 55B, always appreciate your work. Sorry I have one question here: I can load your NTR report 1 scene with no problem, but for NTR report 2, I only have map and one black guy character after loading, other character just don’t show up. Did I miss some MOD or plug-in?

    • I have never heard of that problem.
      Does the problem occur even if you start the studio and load the scene for the first time?

      • Yes, I tried restarting the studio again but still got the same result. I think it’s only me who got this problem. It’s OK, thanks for reply. Please keep up the good work.

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