クッパ姫 – Bowsette (55b ver)

流行に臆面も無く乗っていくスタイル! キノコ王冠の作成は断念しました。 I unashamedly ride the trend. I abandoned making the mushroom crown. (2018/9/29) Release V2 card. Thank you for Tail&Crown mod.

V2 クッパ姫 - Bowsette (55b ver)V2 MOD List
!!!!必須 / Required!!!!
-  MoreAccessories
  Author: Joan6694

- Hair Front: ID-202620 Coiffure 7
- Hair Back: ID-201628 Coiffure 15
  Author: Snooley
  Coiffure Pack

- Eyebrow: ID-251171 Mai Shiranui
  Author: Roy12
  Mai Shiranui DoA Character Mod 

- Swimsuit Bottom: ID-211508 Zeaska 34 skirt 4L(color)
  Zeaska HS swimcos05
  It seems that pan.baidu.com needs login to download. I do not know how to register.

- Swimsuit: ID-210421301 [Ante] Star Angel Leotard
  Author:Ante Korama
  Star Angel Outfit Ver 1.01

- Gloves: ID-212881 [FF]Sharpen Nails A(color)
  Author: FoolBoy
  FoolBoy Fashion #01

- Socks: ID-214800 [sak] サイハイソックス(色変可)
  Author: sak
  cos3 0731.rar

- Shoes : ID-215143 High Heel(MayaR1)
  Ggmod1.6.1_NEO (english) .rar 

  If you are installing GGMOD for the first time, be sure to back up the Honeyselect folder.

- Accessory (Neck): ID-354416 [FF]Choker05
  Author: FoolBoy

- Accessory Head(Hair): ID-350093 付け毛太い(色変え可能)
  Default Item

- Accessory Head(Hair): ID-350637,350638 カーブエクステ2
  Author: honeymod

- Accessory Head(Horn): ID-350104 悪魔角(色変え可能)
  Default Item

- Accessory Head(fang): ID-350864 虎牙
  Author: Saw2008
  Discord search key: "in: mod-sharing teeth"

- Accessory Head(Crown): ID-350038 王冠
  Default Item

- Accessory Face(Earing,Gem): ID-353001 ピエロの鼻(色変え可能)
  Default Item

- Accessory Head(Tail): ID-350131 湾曲角(色変え可能)
  Default Item

- Accessory Chest(Tail coat): ID-357431 テールコート(腰A)
  Author: honeymod
  テールコートアクセサリ / Tail coat accessory

- Accessory Chest(Shel): ID-350850 Bowser Shell
  Author: Tanko
  Discord search key: "in: mod-sharing Bowser"

- Accessory Head(Crown): ID-350101151 AM Super Crown
  Author: A Member
  Discord search key: "in: mod-sharing AM Super Crown"

- Accessory Chest(Tail): ID-357100035 AM Bowser Tail
  Author: A Member
  Discord search key: "in: mod-sharing AM Bowser"

13 Responses

  • It is a very good version! Congrats, you did a nice job.

    Also, I give you thanks for the instructions! They were useful.

  • Thank you for making this amazing character card. She’s really cute and I love her fangs and eyes. I really appreciate you listing the mods. I was looking for her clothes everywhere!

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