貴族の寝室 – Aristocratic bedroom 1

[警告] ハニーセレクト2
各種ユーティリティ・チンコMOD hooah version 2.xと1.xは互換性がありません。2.xをインストールすると1.xで作成したシーンデータのチンコ位置・方向がずれます。
 2021/12/05~ hooah2.xを使用
 ~2021/11/20 hooah 1.xを使用

[Warning] Honeyselect2
Various utilities and cock mods hooah version 2.x and 1.x are not compatible with each other. If you install 2.x, the penis position and direction of the scene data created with 1.x will be shifted.
Status of my distributed scene data.
 2021/12/05- Using hooah 2.x
 ~2021/11/20 Using hooah 1.x
I have reported the compatibility issue to the mod author hooh, However this is now a spec. If you are using 1.x scenes, please adjust your scene for 2.x.

ハニーセレクト2 MOD FAQ [hooh's modsについて]- Honeyselect2 MOD FAQ/Troubleshooting [about hooh's mods]

新しくなったCum Juicesの透明感が凄くイイ。 New cum Juices’s clarityis is very good. !!ATTENTION!! シーンのトラブルはFAQを参照して下さい。 / Refer to the FAQ for scene troubles.

!!ATTENTION!! 私の環境にHSPEをインストールしました。 HSPEのリンクはFAQの”downloading HSPE”を参照して下さい。 また古いシーンのIKポーズが壊れます。FAQを参照してOptimizeIKをOFFにして下さい。 I installed HSPE plugin. Refer to the FAQ page for downloading HSPE. And the old scene IK pose will be broken. Please refer to FAQ and turn off OptimizeIK.

MOD List

=== 必須 / required ===
- HSStudioNEOAddon

- MAP: Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Bed Room
 Author: kana5ddd
 Discord search key: "in:#mod-sharing  All my studio neo mod's"

- Item: [ドーム]夜明け前 - Skydome 2 (雨宮氏 - pph板)
  http://rara.jp/playclub/page5780   No.6919

- Item: Pondscum & Hooh's EXTREME Cum Juices v1 (Pondscum氏 & Hooh氏)
 Discord search key: "in: hs-mod-sharing   EXTREME Cum Juices"
 * "Read Me"を読んでね!私はサポートしないよ。/ Read "READ ME"!I'll not support it.

- Item:  SOS Cock (AnteKorama氏)
  Discord search Key: "in: hs-mod-sharing   SOS Cock"

== Female ===================================================
- coordinate: 着用愛液 Love Juicy (zzz氏 - pph板)

== Male ===================================================
- Male Cordinate: デブおっさん/ fat men (ZZZ氏)

=== 任意 / optional===
- Top: 205522 [sak] ミニスカメイド服(2色変可) / Mini skirt maid(sak氏)

- Neck Accessory: 354421303 [Ante] Heart Neckleace (Ante Korama氏)
   [Clothes] Kokoro's Cloth Cos07

- Bra: 207306 [ll] Lingerie A(colorable) (limalama氏)
  Bra & Panty sets (Colorable) v1.1


Reorganization and Redistribution free.
These data are materials.Change your character.And use it for your work.

Request for support for server maintenance costs
55b55.net is experiencing problems with network traffic, storage size, and server performance. Please help with the cost of switching from a poor server to a new one.
There is no content exclusive to PATRON. All data will be made available to the public immediately and free of charge as ever.
Still, if there is an eccentric person who is willing to throw money at me...


About HoneySelect2
About HoneySelect
  • Refer to the FAQ for scene troubles.
  • Refer to MOD Guide for my studio environment.
  • The scene data after 2019/05 is SmartCard.. If you use HSResolveMoreSlotID 1.1 or later, you can read correctly even in an environment where the item ID is different. For HIR users, please refer to the post on ポーズ集 – Pose43. HIR and HSResolveMoreSlotID can be used simultaneously.
  • シーンのトラブルはFAQを参照して下さい。
  • 私のスタジオ環境はMOD Guideを参照して下さい。
  • 2019/05以降のシーンデータはSmartCardです。HSResolveMoreSlotID 1.1以上を使用すれば、アイテムIDが異なった環境でも正常に読み込めます。HIRユーザの人は、ポーズ集 – Pose43の投稿を参照して下さい。HIRとHSResolveMoreSlotID を同時に使用できます。

22 Responses

  • Seems great! thanks!
    In ReadMe it says to delete “New Cum Splash Props” mod and then install this “EXTREME Cum Juices” mod.
    Does this new mod include “New Cum Splash Props”?
    If not, does any of your old scenes used “New Cum Splash Props”? I’m afraid that installing this one will cause some of the old scenes not working properly.
    Or maybe there is some other ways such like changing CAB values could make both mods work?

    • I tried it and the new mod does include the old one. So no problem on this anymore.

      However, I found SOS Cock not working in both this and 深夜残業 2 – there are no FK nodes for sos cocks.
      I believe I installed all the files for sos cock, which I downloaded at discord.
      Also I noticed FK cock – which have FK nodes in game – have a txt file in studioneo\HoneyselectItemResolverFk, while SOS cock doesn’t have any files in that folder. Could it be that SOScock I downloaded is a incomplete version?

      • I’m using “Cum Splash Props” in the following scene.
        – トイレシュクジョ – Toilet Lady
        Perhaps, it will not break much.

        I’m using “[HS][ITEM][Korama] SOS Cock Ver 1.12.zip”.
        Certainly “HoneyselectItemResolverFk” does not exist….

        • Confirmed – トイレシュクジョ – still works after installed “EXTREME Cum Juices”.
          But the SOS cock does not have FK nodes… so their pose are not right and can’t be adjusted.
          should SOS cock have fk nodes? If not, how do you adjust it’s pose?

          • SOScock have FK node in my enviroment.
            HSUS may be working. Did you already install HSUS?

  • I got problems.
    Scene 2 can load evrything. but, A01B, A15, A20NM are gone.
    Scene 4 have the same problem. but, only the A02 is gone.
    I don’t know why.

  • Thanks. I had to fix some ID conflicts (this is normal on my game installation, so that is no problem), but this is very nice scene!

  • Thanks for the scene 55b. For some reason, the dick became white spheres. Any ideas on how to fix this? It is the same as FAQ4?

    • Sorry. I updated the Mod List.
      These scene are using SOS cock.
      And do not forget HSPE;D

  • I tried using HSUS… sadly sos cock still have no FK nodes and having incorrect pose:(
    Guess I have to replace it with fk cock and try to adjust it myself to make it like the screenshots……

  • I’ve installed the bedroom mod and ran both HiR & HiR Neo, but the map still doesn’t appear when I load the scene? Can you help me?

    • – Are you installed HSUS plugin?
      – Are you using HIR Neo(Honeyselect Item Resolver) ver 1.2.2?
      (And turn on the “category advance”)

  • Hi! Thanks for this scene. I’ve tried to enter the Discord channel to download the required map, but it seems there is an error with the server because I cannot see it at the side bar. Do you know if there is a problem?

    • What is the side bar you say? Do you mean the search results?
      Please delete the double quotation from Discord search key and search.

      • I’m talking about the server itself. When I try to join the server I cannot see the server icon in the side bar of Discord, that one you can see all of the servers you are in. I tried on my phone, pc and browser but ,as I say, the server icon it doesn’t appear. Thanks for your time anyway.

  • Apologies if this is not the best place to ask, but the “Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Bed Room” mega link on the discord is down. The discord help channel doesn’t seem to have any answers and I cannot seem to find any mirrors anywhere.

    Is there somewhere else that I can download it from?

    • I updated search keyword of discord.
      Refere to the mod-sharing thread 05/03/2019.