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[警告] ハニーセレクト2
各種ユーティリティ・チンコMOD hooah version 2.xと1.xは互換性がありません。2.xをインストールすると1.xで作成したシーンデータのチンコ位置・方向がずれます。
 2021/12/05~ hooah2.xを使用
 ~2021/11/20 hooah 1.xを使用

[Warning] Honeyselect2
Various utilities and cock mods hooah version 2.x and 1.x are not compatible with each other. If you install 2.x, the penis position and direction of the scene data created with 1.x will be shifted.
Status of my distributed scene data.
 2021/12/05- Using hooah 2.x
 ~2021/11/20 Using hooah 1.x
I have reported the compatibility issue to the mod author hooh, However this is now a spec. If you are using 1.x scenes, please adjust your scene for 2.x.

ハニーセレクト2 MOD FAQ [hooh's modsについて]- Honeyselect2 MOD FAQ/Troubleshooting [about hooh's mods]


サッキュバス娘 – Succubus-musume
サッキュバス娘 – Succubus-musume2
Scene 1-1
Left Character: Starlene Cosplay Pack 14
  Author: Starlene 
Starlene Cosplay Pack 14
Right Character: Night Spy Bodysuit Author: Starlene
Starlene Bodysuits Pack 04
Scene 1-2 - Swimsuit: [Ante] HS Mechanical Suit B Author: Ante Korama HS Mechanical Body Detail Suit - Gloves: ID-212898 Hahne Kedar Author: SMPR Not found.... - Shoes: ID-477205473 [SL] BS04 - Boots (CC) Night Spy Bodysuit Author: Starlene
Starlene Bodysuits Pack 04
- Face Accessory: ID-353676021 [ASH] CD Medusa A Author: Saint MEDUSA HELMET - Neck Accessory: [ASH] CG Shock Collar Author: Saint RESTRAINT COLLARS (DELUXE) - Hand Accessory: ID-360980 Invisible Ring HSStudioInvisible
MOD List
=== 必須 / required ===
Scene 1-1
- MAP: SM Urban Future 3
  Author: Saint

- Item: [ドーム]黄昏 / Dome twilight
  Author: 雨宮
  Skydome 2

- Item: KG2-スタジオフィルター / Studio filter
  Author: KG2
  No.13636 MOD一覧のリンクです

- Item: [RK]DOOM Gauss Cannon
  Author: Rikena
  DOOM Weapons
  Discord search key: "in: hs-mod-sharing DOOM Weapons"

- Item: [renoa] Laser Sniper Rifle
  Author: renoa?
  /Weapon Si-fi/[renoa] Sci-Fi Weapons
  Discord search key: "in:mod-sharing MEGA Folder for Studio Items"

- Item: HL_大きい煙 / Big smoke
  Author: ハイライト

Scene 1-2
- MAP: [RoR] Skydock
  Author: Ram-0-Ram

- Item: [renoa] CAR SMG
  Author: renoa?
  /Weapon Si-fi/[renoa] Sci-Fi Weapons
  Discord search key: "in:mod-sharing MEGA Folder for Studio Items"

Reorganization and Redistribution free.
These data are materials.Change your character.And use it for your work.

Request for support for server maintenance costs
それでも私に投げ銭してくれる奇特な方が居れば・・・。(維持費を上回るお金は私のヤル気と栄養になります。) is experiencing problems with network traffic, storage size, and server performance. Please help with the cost of switching from a poor server to a new one.
There is no content exclusive to PATRON. All data will be made available to the public immediately and free of charge as ever.
Still, if there is an eccentric person who is willing to throw money at me...


About HoneySelect2
About HoneySelect
  • Refer to the FAQ for scene troubles.
  • Refer to MOD Guide for my studio environment.
  • The scene data after 2019/05 is SmartCard.. If you use HSResolveMoreSlotID 1.1 or later, you can read correctly even in an environment where the item ID is different. For HIR users, please refer to the post on ポーズ集 – Pose43. HIR and HSResolveMoreSlotID can be used simultaneously.
  • シーンのトラブルはFAQを参照して下さい。
  • 私のスタジオ環境はMOD Guideを参照して下さい。
  • 2019/05以降のシーンデータはSmartCardです。HSResolveMoreSlotID 1.1以上を使用すれば、アイテムIDが異なった環境でも正常に読み込めます。HIRユーザの人は、ポーズ集 – Pose43の投稿を参照して下さい。HIRとHSResolveMoreSlotID を同時に使用できます。

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